Tanjong Pagar quarantine facility

Singapore’s rapid infection outbreak has saw all quarantine facilities used up, and the government is now moving the infected to Tanjong Pagar Terminal even when it is not ready.

The partially completed quarantine facility can only house up to 3,500 patients, with construction still ongoing. Unlike other facilities at the NTUC resort and Singapore Expo, the Tanjong Pagar Terminal facility is made up of tentage on open space. This means the facility might not hold as well during storms and strong wind, or provide enough heat insulation during hot weathers or cold nights.

19,020 infected patients are in isolation facilities, and the discharge rate is abysmally low. Only 256 was discharged yesterday, while another 753 new patients were added yesterday. There are now 22,460 confirmed cases in Singapore, which has now become the biggest virus epicenter in Asia.

All countries have brought down their infection rate, except Singapore. This is due to overcrowded and poor living conditions of the foreign workers, which the Singapore government do not regard as “local community”.

The class-based society ruled by the Lee Hsien Loong dictatorship is the only country in the world that separates infection reporting by nationality.