Minister Lawrence Wong

Minister Lawrence Wong admitted that the government contact tracing application has failed, with only 20% of the population having downloaded the app. This is less than the 75% take-up rate expected to make the app effective.

Following the epic failure, the PAP minister said he is going to merge the TraceTogether app with other applications.

Mobile phone users in Singapore have feedback that the TraceTogether app is faulty, drains too much battery life and disabled when hidden in background. Most Singaporeans have expressed distrust at the PAP government, and its poor record of data breaches and privacy hacks.

Minister Lawrence Wong said he is considering introducing a physical dongle to track every Singaporean. Like a dog tag, Singaporeans may be forced to carry it around whenever they go:

“When we are ready with a solution, we will announce what that solution is, and we will indeed want everyone to have that solution in place…We are also looking at possibilities, like a wearable, a dongle that people can carry with them when they go out. So for those without smartphones, the possibility of being able to track them remains – for contact tracing purposes.”