Lawrence Wong

When questioned why is the government circuit breaker measures not working, National Development Minister Lawrence Wong claimed that the number is high because tests are being conducted “aggressively”.

The PAP Minister said the numbers will remain high for “a few more weeks”, indicating that the June 1st deadline to lift circuit breaker (CB) measures will extend:

“For the migrant worker dormitories, the situation is stabilising… Each day the numbers are still high, partly because of our active and aggressive testing regime. We expect to see these numbers for a few more weeks, before they stabilise.”

The PAP Minister refused to reveal how many tests are conducted each day, except to say that “about” 8,000 tests are now done daily.

Minister Lawrence Wong confirmed that Singapore will extend the June 1st deadline:

“Whatever the decision in the coming days or weeks, it is clearly not going to be the case that after first of June everything go be lifted or we will go back to status quo. That is clearly not going to happen.”

There is no mention of financial assistance after the extension, which is the second after the earlier planned May 4th opening. The government-owned airline SIA has already extended all flight postpones to end June.

There are now 21,707 confirmed cases, with 768 new cases reported yesterday.

Singaporeans are now facing severe financial hardship since the CB measures were implemented on April 7th.