Corrupted leader Lee Hsien Loong

When instructed to put up “correction notices” on the Facebook pages of Alex Tan and Singapore States Times, Facebook ignored the Singapore dictatorship’s POFMA order.

More than 3 days had passed since the order was issued, and Singaporeans can still access the two Facebook pages which the government accused of fabricating fake news. Facebook may face a S$1 million fine and a S$100,000 fine for each day they do not comply. Their CEO, Mark Zukerberg, may face prosecution in Singapore for not acting according to the PAP government demands.

The corrupted Singapore government under Lee Hsien Loong today then issued a new order demanding that Facebook block Singaporeans’ access to the two Facebook pages:

“Facebook has been ordered to restrict Singapore users’ access to the pages of Singapore States Times and its owner Alex Tan. These pages have repeatedly conveyed falsehoods, and have not complied with any of the directions from the Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA) Office.”

Editor of popular news website States Times Review, Alex Tan, is a Singapore-born Australian citizen and he has rejected the Singapore government’s POFMA orders 5 times.

The Singapore government became frustrated that the Australian authorities does not recognise its censorship orders, and it went after the social media company instead. Facebook had earlier invested a billion dollars in a data centre in Singapore, and it is now held at ransom to comply with the Singapore government’s order.