Screenshot of Facebook video Tan Chuan Jin

Speaking to the state media yesterday, Parliament Speaker and PAP MP Tan Chuan Jin defended the government’s negligence and claimed that the infection cluster is not a result of the poor living conditions:

“The massive outbreak of coronavirus cases among migrant workers in dormitories cannot be attributed to bad living conditions alone, even if there are abysmal examples… It was not about “white-washing” cases of “abysmal” dorm conditions, but one should not generalise that all living conditions are as such.”

The former Manpower Minister who was demoted in 2015 said the virus is to be blamed for being “highly contagious”:

“Rather, the highly contagious nature of the coronavirus and the fact that dorms involve groups of people living in close quarters are more likely to have contributed to the spread.”

However, Tan Chuan Jin refuse to explain why is the government then housing foreign workers away from dormitories since their living conditions is not the cause of infection.
There are now 20,939 confirmed cases in Singapore, the highest in Asia outside China. Most cases are foreign workers from the dormitories, revealing the third world living standards of the poor migrants in Singapore.
Earlier on Tuesday in Parliament, Manpower Minister Josephine Teo has earlier refused to apologise to the foreign workers. The millionaire minister said “not a single foreign worker” has demanded an apology from her.