Lee Hsien Loong's broadcast

In the latest daily coronavirus report, the Singapore Ministry of Health played down the severity of the outbreak by highlighting that there are only 10 new cases who are Singaporeans or Permanent Residents.

The new propaganda wrote that the 758 out of 768 new cases are foreigners who hold work permit, indicating that such figure is not important:

“The vast majority of the new cases are work permit holders residing in foreign worker dormitories. Ten cases are Singaporeans and Permanent Residents.”

The Lee Hsien Loong dictatorship is trying to reopen the economy by fabricating fake news claiming community infection is under control. This is done so by excluding foreigner numbers from the term “community”.

There are now a total of 21,707, the highest in Asia outside China. The Singapore PAP government is still unable to bring down the daily new cases despite given more than a month since the circuit breaker measures implemented on April 7th.