Lawrence Wong

Taking Singaporeans for fools, National Development Minister Lawrence Wong announced fake news of circuit breaker measures to “ease” on May 12.

A closer look at the details reveal next to no concession given at all.

Singaporeans will still face an instant fine of S$300 without warning if they are caught not wearing a face mask or failing to maintain social distancing. Schools remain closed, except for small groups from graduating cohorts. Most retail shops will remain close, except for confectioneries – which should have been labelled as essential like in Australia.

There is still no dine-in allowed at FnB shops, and drinks shops like bubble tea remain closed. The other retail shops that are opened are essential services, like hairdressing, pet food and supplies, and laundry services.

Non-essential businesses will still close, meaning the unemployment rate will still go up. Singaporeans are still unable to leave the country, not even to Malaysia where lockdown measures have really eased.

Minister Lawrence Wong in his propaganda said:

“There is no need to rush to go out to patronise these businesses. I know some people may not have had a haircut for some time, but there is no need to rush to go out to have a haircut on May 12. There will be time to do so.”

The government reported 768 new cases today, with a total of 21,707 cases.