Gan Kim Yong and Lawrence Wong

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong made a new U-turn removing the cap of 6 patients limit after States Times Review wrote an article criticising the government over the “stupid rule”.

On April 29, the PAP minister first imposed the limit on medical practitioners. States Times Review then run an article on May 6th quoting several doctors who criticised Minister Gan Kim Yong. Today May 8th, Minister Gan Kim Yong reversed his decision without any explanation.

This is the third embarrassing U-turn the PAP coronavirus ministerial taskforce made. On April 30, Trade Minister Chan Chun Sing made a 3-time reversal on the decision to open car repair shops. On May 2, National Development Minister Lawrence Wong reversed his decision to ban home-based food business.

None of the ministers consulted the professionals and industries on any of their blanket ban.

All three ministers acted because they are unable to handle public criticisms.

There are now 20,939 confirmed cases in Singapore, the worst in Asia outside China.