NUS professor Alex Cook

Singapore state media Straits Times today published a propaganda report featuring a professor from government university NUS, who claimed that Singapore have achieved “success” in controlling the outbreak.

There are 20,198 confirmed cases with 788 new cases yesterday – the worst in Asia outside China.

However, Alex Cook, vice-dean of research at NUS, said the numbers are “stabilising”:

“While the total case counts have continued to rise, the numbers have recently started to stabilise. This is what we’d see if we were successfully flattening the curve – case counts rising but in a more controlled manner.”

Hailed as an “expert” by Straits Times, the UK national even called the infection rate in Singapore doubling or reaching 40,000 in a month a “success”:

“The models say the epidemic should be growing ever higher but the data is instead stabilising… It still seems possible that we’ll hit 30,000 or 40,000 infections this month, but perversely that would be a success compared to an unmitigated epidemic growth scenario.”