Lee Hsien Loong address on April 3rd

20,939 cases. Very shameful, of Singapore and Singaporeans.

Despite all the smoke and mirrors put up by the PAP dictatorship government, numbers don’t lie.

For receiving the world’s highest-paid salaries, Singaporeans must do their part as citizens to reprimand such outright display of incompetency.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s head must roll, along with his Health Minister Gan Kim Yong. Their wrong representation – telling Singaporeans not to wear a face mask – during the early stages of the COVID-19 have costed at least 20 human lives today and a S$60 billion cavity in the national reserves.

This is worse than criminal negligence, somebody’s family member actually died from these unforgivable mistakes. Those who died are not numbers, neither are those infected.

Not unlike unrepentant offenders, the PAP dictatorship attempted to play down the severity of the infection in Singapore by segregating infection for foreigners from citizens.

However, every infected, regardless of their nationality, was infected on Singapore land under Singapore legal administration. How further shameless can Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong get?

Removing these PAP politicians is not only a duty of every Singaporean, we must uphold global standards by prosecuting these leaders with criminal charges. Lengthy jail term must be sought or more will die in future outbreaks and disasters.

Severe criminal prosecution must be imposed or future politicians will think their complacency warrant no backlash. This is especially so to restore public confidence in Singapore’s judiciary, strict rule of law, incorruptibility and the ideals of pragmatism we Singaporeans so proudly acclaim.

Singapore must have standards, and we must defend these standards by showing the world we are not afraid of putting corrupted politicians, even the highest position as a Prime Minister, to jail. Our Singaporean national essence is at stake, Singapore must jail Lee Hsien Loong.

Alex Tan
STR Editor