Josephine Teo in Parliament

Manpower Minister Josephine refused to take responsibility over the poor living conditions in the workers’ dormitories that caused over 17,000 foreign workers to be infected.

The PAP millionaire minister haughtily snorted in parliament:

“Ms. Anthea Ong asked about an apology… I have not come across one single migrant worker himself that has demanded an apology.”

Watch video here:

Minister Josephine Teo said the workers are “more concerned” about getting their wages and their employment in Singapore, and none of them blame the government.

Over 200,000 foreign workers living in dormitories are stuck in their residence under a mandatory stay-home order. There have been numerous complaints about uncooked food in the meals provided by the government. Social distancing is also not observed despite a government intervention in early April.

A month has passed, and the government is still unable to bring down new daily infection.

573 new cases were reported yesterday, with 560 being foreign workers. The remaining 13 were infected from unknown sources in public.

Anger and resentment are brewing among local residents over the lockdown as the government did not provide any financial assistance for the month of May. Only a S$600 handout was given for April before the lockdown was extended from May 4th to June 1st.