Elderly man who stabbed officer

A 61-year-old elderly man stabbed a social distancing enforcement officer in the chest at Sungei Serangoon Park Connector, after the government officer wanted to issue him with a fine of S$300.

The old man was not wearing a face mask, and he was pruning some plants at the park when he was stopped by several government enforcers. The group got into an argument and the man used one of his tools to attack the government officers. One of them was stabbed in the chest and has suffered serious injuries, according to the police:

“The victim sustained serious injuries to his chest, arm and hand. He was conscious when conveyed to Changi General Hospital.”

The man fled on his bicycle before being tracked down and arrested about an hour later.

Violence has erupted sporadically over Singapore, mostly against the government social distancing officers. The Singapore government enacted a no-warning S$300 fine for all first-time offenders, creating severe unhappiness and resentment, especially among the elderly poor.