Gan Kim Yong

Singapore’s Ministry of Health has confirmed that the daily reported new cases are inaccurate because the government does not have enough resources to test samples collected.

The government blamed the test laboratories for being unable to produce the tests required:

“The number of cases amongst migrant workers has been fluctuating in recent days due to clearance of backlogged cases by one laboratory. We are working with the laboratory to stabilise its operations.”

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong has earlier claimed to produce a test result in 15 minutes, and even bragged about carrying out 3,000 tests each day.

Singapore reported a staggering 657 new cases yesterday, with a total of 18,205 confirmed cases – the highest in Asia outside China.

None of the government measures are working despite having locked down since April 7. The Singapore government however manipulated statistics to claim “success”, in a bid to remove the costly lockdown measures.

Experts have warned that reinfection is higher when lockdown measures are removed too soon, and especially in countries like Singapore where daily new cases are too high.