Malaysians at Causeway

Three Malaysians who returned to Malaysia were found to be infected with the coronavirus, reported the Johor state government:

“The three new cases tested positive while undergoing mandatory isolation at one of the quarantine stations. They are not local cases, but rather imported cases by Malaysian citizens from Singapore.”

Only 200 Malaysians are allowed to return to Malaysia, as Singapore is highly infectious. Malaysia has only 6,071 confirmed cases, while Singapore has 17,548.

Tens of thousands Malaysians are now rushing to return home after they found that Singapore is actually a lot worse than Malaysia in handling the coronavirus outbreak. They have earlier refused to return to earn more money in Singapore. Once returned, the Malaysians will not be allowed back into Singapore until the lockdown is lifted.

Singapore has been exporting infected individuals out to foreign countries as early as late January. UK, France, South Korea and Malaysia saw one of their earliest cases from Singapore.

Testing among Singapore residents are low because the authorities are focusing on the foreign worker community. The Singapore government is running low on test kits, and they are only able to run 3,000 tests a day. There are 320,000 foreign workers, and only 21,000 were tested according to the Health Minister a week ago.