Propaganda Sing Together

Unable to produce any improvement in the coronavirus report card, Singapore’s PAP dictatorship is now ramping up on propaganda and fabricating “good news” for Singaporeans.

Everyday, 158th-ranking state media run propaganda articles of stories on frontline workers like cleaners and nurses to score sympathy support for the government. The PAP grassroots group also organised group clapping at neighbourhoods to “express support” for the lowly-paid workers.

Local singers and actors also feature themselves in sing-along songs, with the Nazis-like state media telling people to sing out loud or play musical instruments from their HDB flats.

Repeating “SGUnited” messages, the PAP government tries very hard to steal public support for frontline workers, and turn them into their own political fanbase in preparation for the coming General Election.

Ground resentment against the PAP government is however at a record high, with Singaporeans questioning why is there no additional support for the extended lockdown. The people were given only S$600 to last for two months in April and May.