Quarantined detainees at Singapore Expo

Singapore government has screwed up again, this time at the quarantine facilities at Singapore Expo. Quarantine detainees posted on social media of ridiculous long queues for each meal, waiting at least 20 minutes for food. You may view a video recorded on April 30 here.

According to the detainees, the Singapore Expo quarantine facility is disorganised, short on manpower and low in food supply. Despite having the numbers, detainees will have to wait for 15 minutes for the staff to make urgent runs for food replenishment.

Quarantined detainees, with foreign workers making the bulk, also do not observe social distancing, and there is no enforcement. They were also given food with low nutritions like instant noodles, and no fresh fruits as snacks.

There are 14,053 detained under isolation facilities in Singapore.