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Singapore’s PAP dictatorship has again changed its reporting standards for the 5th time, to report less cases and play down the severity of community infection. The Ministry of Health this time excluded work permit holders as community cases, and restricted the definition “community infection” for only citizens, permanent residency holders and S-pass holders.

In yesterday’s report (May 1st), the government posted 11 cases of community infection. A new category named “Work Permit holders (residing outside dormitories)” amounted to 16. Some of these work permit holders live in HDB dwellings or neighbourhood light industries.

The government in early April excluded dormitories as “community” after the numbers ran out of control.

As only the dormitories are in full lockdown (no movement allowed outside their residence), the actual community infection should instead be 27.

Singapore currently have 17,101 confirmed cases, the highest in Asia outside China. The daily increases is among the world’s highest, with 932 reported yesterday. With only 3,000 testing done each day, this means the near-30% pick-up rate is going to continue for at least a few weeks.

Singapore is still struggling with containment, while other countries made significant improvements from similar lockdown measures. Malaysia is opening up in phases from May 4th, while Singapore’s lockdown is until June 1st. Singapore will likely extend the lockdown again as its daily cases remain dangerously high.