Lawrence Wong

Worried about his election chances, National Development Lawrence Wong succumbed to public pressure after he was severely criticised by the public for banning home-based food businesses during the Hari Raya festive season. The PAP minister reversed his decision in the latest U-turn, saying they will be allowed to operate from May 12.

Many have questioned what is the difference between retail food shops and registered home food businesses, which the PAP minister is unable to respond.

Minister Wong however claimed that his decision is due to “a decline” in community infections. This is untrue, as Singapore reported 27 community cases, and a total of 932 new cases yesterday.

Along with Health Minister Gan Kim Yong, the two corrupted millionaire ministers who screwed up Singapore during the coronavirus outbreak, said they are “easing” circuit breaker measures.

This is again untrue, as Singaporeans are still mandated to wear face masks in public and workplaces remain shut down. The only concessions given are given to “small groups of students” who are taking major examinations to go back to school, and allowing only acupuncture practitioners to open shops.