Minister Lawrence Wong

When other countries like New Zealand, Australia and Malaysia declare that they are opening up their economies, Singapore National Development Minister Lawrence turned salty and criticise them saying it is “not easy” to declare the end of the coronavirus outbreak:

“No one can say that… It only takes one case – one hidden case, one cryptic case – to cause new clusters to form. This can happen in Singapore and in any country, so do not be too early to declare the end of infection in Singapore or anywhere in the world.”

New cases have gone down to single digit for many countries, except for Sweden, Singapore, United States and the European countries. Malaysia Prime Minister earlier today announced that they will open up by May 4th.

Success cases like Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and other governments who successfully flattened the curve, earn only a fraction of the Singapore PAP administration.

Singapore is the worst hit in Asia, reporting 932 new cases today and a total of 17,101 confirmed cases. Despite having the smallest country and population in Asia, the Singapore PAP government is unable to contain the outbreak.

The ruling party dictatorship leader, Lee Hsien Loong, yesterday bragged about opening up the economy, when infections in the country has not even reached its peak yet.