Millionaire minister Lawrence Wong

A month after the coronavirus infected over 12,000 foreign workers due to third-world living conditions, National Development Minister Lawrence Wong said he need “one or two years” to fix the problem:

“The plan for long-term housing arrangements will begin now and eventually be ready in a year or two.”

The PAP millionaire minister promised to build cleaner new dormitories to accommodate the 320,000 foreign workers in the country:

“The Government also has an extensive plan to house workers in short- and medium-term facilities. It will involve building new sites. It’s a whole pipeline of arrangements for the short, medium to long term.”

Poor living conditions have triggered a coronavirus outbreak among the foreign workers in Singapore, with workers sleeping in 12 to 20 men rooms. The Singapore government have ignored their plight for decades, with no cleanliness checks.

Singapore in the past week have reported over a thousand in new cases, with over 95% of the infected being foreign workers living in dormitories.