Minister Lawrence Wong

Using the coronavirus outbreak as an excuse, Christian Chinese-ethnic Minister Lawrence Wong Shyun Tsai banned the sale of home food in this Hari Raya season.

Minister Lawrence Wong threw the book at Muslim Singaporeans saying:

“It is very clear that the current rules do not allow for home-based F&B businesses.”

The PAP millionaire minister also threatened a S$1,000 fine for any infringement:

“Home-based businesses, including those in the food and beverage line, must meet certain criteria in order to continue operating during the circuit breaker period or face a S$1,000 fine. These requirements include operating only online without requiring business owners or staff to leave their homes, and not requiring customers or third-party delivery services at the premises to collect or deliver goods.”

There is however no evidence of virus transmission via food, as other F&B businesses are allowed to carry on operations. The PAP minister is unable to explain the rationale allowing hawker centres and restaurants to operate, while banning home-based food shops despite having similar operations.

Since the lockdown officiated on April 7th, there was no indication from the government that home-based food business will be affected. The new rule was effected overnight with no lead time given.

Numerous home-based food business owners have been severely affected by the ban during Hari Raya, as they have procured thousands of dollars in material preparation. The food will now be wasted due to the government ban.

The Minister in charge of Muslim Affairs, Masagos Zulkifli, has sided with the government and attacked organisers of a petition group by accusing them of incitement.