Lee Hsien Loong's broadcast

Most Singaporeans have already used up the S$600 coronavirus financial assistance issued on April 14, and now the people are questioning why the government is not giving more for the extended lockdown.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced that the lockdown will extend from May 4th to June 1st. PAP ministers Josephine Teo and K Shanmugam promised to give foreign workers each an additional S$750, but there is no mention of any cash for Singaporean citizens.

Most Singaporeans have since expressed anger at the unfair treatment, and questioned the ruling party leaders why are foreigners getting more help than citizens. None of the PAP ministers or MPs responded to the queries.

Unemployment among citizens have now surpassed more than 10%, the highest ever since Independence. An estimated 1.3 million have lost their jobs in this outbreak according to an estimate by local economists at Maybank Singapore.

With no income, S$600 can only last a Singaporean family of four a week after paying off essential bills. There is however no empathy from the ruling party elite, who each draw a million dollars in salaries.

Financial stress is building up, on top of restlessness stuck in an extended period of isolation at home for both Singaporeans and foreign workers. Violence against government officers are on the rise, and many are contemplating a street protest calling for the PAP ministers to resign.