Foreign worker dorm in Singapore

Despite propaganda reports about dormitories being clean and putting everyone on lockdown, Singapore continued to post record new cases in Asia. The Ministry of Health reported 618 new cases, at a total of 12,693. This is the second highest just under Japan’s 12,829, but their country only had 117 new cases.

Government-hired online trolls took to state media praising the PAP government for “effective” measures, and claiming that the number is coming down. State media TodayOnline celebrated saying the cases are now under 1,000:

“This is the second day in a row where the daily tally is under 1,000, after four straight days where the number of new cases was above the mark.”

The Ministry of Health said that 7 new cases are permanent residents and citizens, and assumed the remaining foreign workers are all infected from their dormitories.

The government stopped reporting the number of suspect cases and the number of testing done.