Facing increasing resentment from Singaporeans over the extended lockdown period, the Singapore government came up with a new propaganda telling Singaporeans to hang the national flag to express solidarity with the PAP.

Lee Hsien Loong’s pet puppet President Halimah Yacob wrote on Facebook saying Singaporeans should hang the Singapore flag to “fight the virus”. The corrupted S$1.54 million-a-year President who won the rigged election in 2017, claimed that “many have asked” her for permission to display the flag:

“In view of this difficult time of COVID-19, many Singaporeans have asked to be allowed to display our Flag beyond that usual period, so that we can express our unity with one another. I am heartened by the desire of Singaporeans to show our solidarity. The Government has considered the request and put up a proposal, which I have supported. Like it did during our early years of independence, I am certain that our Flag will inspire the best from us.”

Culture, Community and Youth Minister Grace Fu jumped on the bandwagon, and called for Singaporeans to support her ruling party PAP dictatorship:

“It is also a call for us to work together and stand resilient in the face of a crisis like this. This exemplifies the Singapore Together spirit.”