Tanjong Pagar Terminal

Singapore’s dictatorship government who screwed up the coronavirus outbreak in the small country is now building a third makeshift hospital, with 15,000 beds at Tanjong Pagar Terminal.

The new hospital construction contradicts claims by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong who said the outbreak is under control.

This is the third makeshift hospital after Singapore Expo and a NTUC resort is filling up by the thousand each day. The authorities did not disclose the capacity of Expo but it is expected to hold only 2,000 beds.

Singapore saw 1,037 new cases yesterday, with a total of 11,179 confirmed cases – the worst in South East Asia.

Despite putting the country in a lockdown on April 7, infections continue to soar as the government put little effort on the poor living conditions of over 300,000 foreign workers in the country. Unlinked infection has also not fallen despite false claims of success.

The virus outbreak went out of control due to the Singapore government’s earlier public advice telling people not to wear a face mask and deterring people from getting tested through legal threats.