Orchard Road empty; Upnowmedia

Malaysia’s Health Director-General today declared that the country is in recovery phase. So did Australia, New Zealand, Germany, China and other countries, who are slowly opening up. Over in Sydney, the Bondi Beach is now open again, and Australians are now planning when should children start going back to schools and people can start going back to work.

These countries who have seen successful lockdowns are restarting their economy and possibly opening up borders to “whitelisted” countries and rejuvenate tourism. In short, money is coming back.

Unfortunately for Singapore, the PAP government tried to tag along with others by announcing the country will lift lockdown measures by June 1st. The June 1st commitment was made after the government failed an earlier promise to open up by May 4th.

With an average of over a thousand new cases made each day, the Singapore government must be mad to even decide on the opening date. Effort should first be focused on combating the coronavirus, before giving Singaporeans false hopes of opening.

The Singapore Ministry of Health even publish fake news about controlling the virus by excluding foreign worker infections. Common sense however says that lockdown will still stay even if there is zero citizen infection while there are still hundreds of foreign worker infections.

No country will fly to Singapore just because the infections are only affecting foreign workers.

It is a race against time. If the Singapore government still does not treat the foreign worker infection seriously, the lockdown will stretch as far from 3 months to a year. This means the world would have returned to normal, except Singapore. Foreign investors and businesses will vacate the island, and put their investments into somewhere safer. When that happened, Singapore may never recover even after the outbreak settled.

Alex Tan
STR Editor