The fake experts that told Singaporeans not to wear a mask

Hailed as a “medical expert”, Dale Fisher – the chief culprit who started the earliest government policy telling people not to wear mask resulting in massive infections – today admitted his mistake saying that he didn’t know the virus is “smart”:

“Covid-19’s unique ability to both infect humans and cause disease means it is vital that the healthcare system be flexible enough to take on new challenges the “smart” virus poses. It can find our blind spots, it can find vulnerable people, it can find areas where there’s high transmission, despite our efforts.”

Dale Fisher is the chairman of the incompetent World Health Organisation’s coronavirus taskforce, he was later bribed with a directorship at Singapore’s NUH to praise the Singapore government through his WHO’s capacity.

Two other government “medical experts” also claimed that they are caught offguard and gave interviews to state media Straits Times to defend the Singapore government’s failure. The executive director of National Centre for Infectious Diseases, Leo Yee Sin, said the government is not at fault because the 2003’s SARS outbreak is different:

“While Singapore had learnt from dealing with Sars (severe acute respiratory syndrome) in 2003, no two outbreaks were alike. This is very, very different from Sars. No matter what system we have put in place, the more important thing is that the entire system must be flexible and be ready to take on whatever challenge in whatever form and whatever shape. This is a very smart virus, it will find ways to remain in the human population. So it’s not a simple virus for us to deal with. There’s human-to-human transmission, it can transmit when we are not aware.”

Dean of Saw Swee Hock School NUS, Teo Yik Ying, also defended the government claiming ignorance and lack of data in January:

“What I’m trying to emphasise is that our knowledge about the coronavirus is changing all the time. And as countries start to learn more, our policies need to change accordingly.”

He openly lied in the interview claiming that the circuit breaker measures are working. The government “expert” excluded the foreign worker infections to prove his point.