Crowded train taken on April 17

In the latest propaganda to cover up the government’s incompetency, the Ministry of Health started publishing chances of Singaporeans getting the coronavirus in percentage.

Playing down the severity of the coronavirus, the government wrote that Singaporeans’ chances of getting the coronavirus is only 0.023%:

“As of Wednesday, the prevalence of coronavirus cases in the community is 0.023 per cent, but it is 0.061 per cent among the 664,000 workers not living in dorms. The figure is 2.51 per cent among the 323,000 foreign workers residing in dorms, which means 8,094 workers in dorms have been diagnosed as having the coronavirus. The overall prevalence of the virus in Singapore is now 0.18 per cent.”

This is despite after reporting 1,016 new cases in a single day, bringing the total to 10,141. Unlinked cases have doubled to 49 from a day ago, with the government not knowing where the source of infection is from.

Singapore also its 12th death, an 86 year old Singaporean from old aged home, Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital.