Minister Josephine Teo

Citing cost concerns, Manpower Minister Josephine Teo said the government finds it too expensive to move the foreign workers out of overcrowded dormitories.

The PAP millionaire minister defended herself over the record infection with foreign workers, and pushed the blame to foreign workers, saying the government is unable to stop the workers from working:

“Now to say that we could have done this much earlier, I think, really does not reflect an understanding of the workers’ own concerns. It would not have been so easy to tell the workers: Please don’t go to work because we want to protect you.”

Minister Josephine Teo has earlier gave the same excuses for not cleaning the dormitories, saying that she is unable to keep the dormitories clean because the employers refuse to pay more for cleaning fees.

The corrupted PAP government messed up the outbreak with total infections now at 11,179 cases. Most of the cases are foreign workers because of overcrowding and unhygienic living conditions in the dormitories.

Despite having massive foreign worker infection since March, the Singapore government did not do much for the dormitories except for a few for propaganda purposes.