State media Straits Times report on Feb 14

FACT: Manpower Minister Josephine Teo issued the order to stop testing for foreign workers in February, threatening to deport the workers if they test negative.

The February 14 news headline has been brought up to attention again, after the PAP minister deflected responsibility behind for the uncontrollable outbreak in the foreign worker dormitories.

Foreign worker infection now accounts for over 90% of the over one thousand new cases reported each day.

Minister Josephine Teo is hence guilty for criminal negligence, just like Dale Fisher, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Health Minister Gan Kim Yong are over their earlier advice to Singaporeans not to wear a face mask in public.

These criminals should face public prosecution and be jailed for being domestic terrorists and a public health hazard. They are responsible for the 12 coronavirus deaths, and the loss of S$60 billion in Singapore’s national reserves.

The present PAP government is now not only incompetent of handling the coronavirus, they are also a criminal organisation that should be brought down immediately for Singaporeans’ safety.

Heads must roll for the over 11,000 infections. PAP ministers must be punished for causing unnecessary distress and financial stress to Singaporeans. Lee Hsien Loong’s head must roll.

Alex Tan
STR Editor