Lee Hsien Loong's broadcast

Singapore has again reported another day of failure controlling the coronavirus, with 1,016 infection reported today – the highest in Asia and second highest in the world under Russia. The total now is 10,141 cases, catching up with South Korea and Japan.

None of the lockdown measures were working because the Singapore government ignored the living conditions of the foreign workers in dormitories.

The Ministry of Health said that only 15 of the new cases are Singaporeans or permanent residents, while the rest are all foreign workers living in dormitories.

The Singapore ministers yesterday conveyed an emergency press conference announcing the extension of the  new circuit breaker (CB) measures, from May 4th to June 1st. New rules include shutting down bubble tea shops and barbers, requiring Singaporeans to leave their personal particulars at supermarkets before entry and forcing shoppers at 4 popular wet markets to go only on alternate days based on the last odd/even digit of their identification card.

The Ministry of Education today also announced that the June holidays will be brought forward to May-June, to accommodate the one-month extension.