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Despite putting local residents on severe lockdown laws, Singapore’s PAP government has opened up the borders to let more foreign workers from Philippines and Malaysia to enter the country.

Foreigners holding permanent residency and workers who have “prior written approval” from Manila and Kuala Lumpur will be allowed into Singapore. Five return flights by budget carrier Jetstar will fly each week for these two cities.

The move is to import more Filipino maids and cheap foreign labour from Malaysia. Foreign workers in Singapore desperate to get out of the coronavirus epicenter here are also getting out.

There will also be cargo flights to Bangkok, as Singapore is facing a shortage of food and essential goods due to the lockdown in Malaysia.

The Singapore government also claimed that contracting the virus on the airplane is low:

“While the risk of contracting Covid-19 on an aircraft is regarded as low, several Covid-19 precautionary measures will be taken onflight, including reducing passenger numbers to allow for safe distancing.”