Foreign workers illegally locked up in Tuas dormitory

20 foreign workers were locked up like dogs with no access to toilets and shower. Those who needed to use the toilet will need to call for the guards to open up the locks.

At 9pm, the Singapore Police attended to a distress call from the workers at Joylicious dormitory at 11 Tuas Avenue 10, but left after instructing the door should be left open. No arrest was made over the illegal confinement.

Singapore state media spoke to the dormitory manager, who was only identified as a “35-year-old Mr Thng”:

“We have no choice but to play it safe. We can’t allow one black sheep to spread the infection.”

Employer, 51-year-old Reena Wong, the director of V Spec Engineering & Supplies, who locked up foreign workers claimed they are close contacts of a China worker who tested positive. She however did not receive any quarantine order from the government.

After locking the workers, Reena Wong instead accused the detainees for “causing trouble” and “behaving like children”:

“Don’t tell me your colleague got virus, you still go and walk around? Cannot be what! For the sake of every man at the dorm, we as an employer told them not to go around. For goodness’ sake, it is only temporary. Two Bangladeshi workers were causing trouble, by requesting to use the toilet every half hour. Allowing them access to the toilet would mean that dormitory staff would have to ensure that the common toilet was cleared of other occupants before letting them enter. Why don’t you behave properly? What are you trying to do? You are trying to spread virus to others, is it? They are adults behaving like children.”

The Singaporean employer said she is going to sue the two Bangladesh workers for fabricating fake news about quarrels in the locked room:

“For the trouble the two workers were causing, the company may be compelled to take legal action against them. We believe two of our employees on work permit have been spreading false media claims and making a riot internally. For example, they had informed others that a fight had taken place inside the dormitory. I had checked with our other employees in the same dormitory and found that it is not true.”