Lee Hsien Loong

More than 280 people were fined S$300 each on Monday, due to the no-warning policy adopted. Many Singaporeans are still found flouting the social distancing measures because the Singapore government is spamming fake news about the success of circuit breaker (CB) measures.

To make things worse, the Singapore government announced to reopen the country by May 4th, giving the people a false impression that the virus outbreak is under control. The Ministry of Health claimed that the CB measures are working after excluding foreign worker increases:

“The three-day average number of cases in the community fell from a high of 48 during April 8 to April 10, to 26 over the past three days.”

On Saturday, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong wrote in a Facebook post claiming the number of cases are “going down”:

“There are a few early signs that the circuit breaker is bringing cases down. But we are still worried about hidden cases circulating in our population, which are keeping the outbreak going. The next few days will be critical.”

Some Singaporeans are taking the complacency further by citing old media reports about Singapore government being the “role model and success” in the coronavirus outbreak. Many of them, pro-government supporters, even repeated astounding claims about Singapore being “the best country to live in during a global pandemic”, and that the foreign workers are “safer here than at home in India and Bangladesh”.

Facts and figures are however telling a different picture from the government story. This are now 8,014 confirmed cases, the highest in South East Asia, and 1,426 new cases was reported in a single day yesterday.