S11 dormitory

Foreign workers in Singapore are now angry at the Singapore government for causing widespread infection in their dormitories. In the S-11 dormitory alone, there are nearly 2,000 workers infected.

Despite hailing from different backgrounds like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and China, foreign workers in Singapore speak in different languages to their respective network slamming the Singapore government for ignoring their poor living conditions over the years.

Common corridors and rooms are strewn with rubbish because the trash bins are always full. Toilet has no toilet paper and stank with pungent urine and faeces, that can be smelled from as far as 3m away. Food issued by the government is cold, tasteless and many workers ended up throwing them into the rubbish bins untouched.

Wifi-network is slow and the workers are unable to hold a video conference with their families without using their own mobile data. There is no face mask and no aircon, and the rooms is humid and burns up to 37 degrees during a hot day. Cockroaches are seen crawling everywhere with houseflies and mosquitoes abundant.

The foreign workers are told to stay in their overcrowded 8-men rooms, with nothing to do the whole day. Everyone could not return to their home country because there are no flights.