Lee Hsien Loong address on April 3rd

Despite claiming that foreign worker dormitories are now “safer than their home country”, the world’s “most stable and incorruptible” government reported a record 1,426 new cases in a single day. In the latest government propaganda, the Ministry of Health claimed that 1,410 of the new cases are infected from dormitories and none of the foreign workers are infected in public places.

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong said only 16 are local cases and labelled foreign workers as non-local cases. The millionaire PAP minister recently used this skewed data to justify that circuit breaker (CB) measures are working in Singapore since its implementation on April 7.

While Singapore ministers continue pointing at other countries, the domestic situation in Singapore is getting worse each day.

There are now 8,014 cases in Singapore, ironically, worse than Malaysia (5,425) and Indonesia (6,760 cases) whom Singapore ministers earlier accused of covering up.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong however is oblivious to the surging infection and insisted he is going to lift CB measures by May 4th.

No PAP minister has apologised or been punished for the sheer incompetency handling the virus outbreak.