Popular indian hangout Mustafa Centre

With over 5,000 infection for the world’s smallest country, the Singapore government’s incompetency is now glaring.

Worse, the PAP government made a dangerous, and likely fatal, assumption, by assuming all infected foreign workers contracted the coronavirus from their dormitories.

This is not true, because the infection within the dormitory is just an amplifier from a single case, and the source of infection was never found. New dormitories are now being identified as clusters but their source can only come from community infection.

The Singapore government is playing a dangerous game by cherry-picking numbers through separating foreign worker infections from local community infection, when at the end of the day, they are both the same thing in the same island.

This false premise is going to be costly, as the government stopped contact tracing for the infected foreign workers after their numbers exploded. There are more clusters like Mustafa Centre now going under the radar because the government assumed their infection comes only from dormitories.

In the meantime, real infection are now picking up locally in the community while the government is distracted with the foreign worker dormitories. This is happening because the political leaders are incapable of seeing the big picture and they lack intelligence to grasp the fundamentals behind the outbreak.

Compare the PAP Ministers to leaders of other countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia and even Malaysia. They draw only a fraction of the PAP millionaire salaries, but their people are well guarded by thoughtful government policies.

At the end of the day, Singaporeans today are paying the price for voting in politicians who are only good at lying about society stability and competency.

Alex Tan
STR Editor