Lee Hsien Loong

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong blatantly ignored facts and statistics to claim that the number of cases are going down after he imposed circuit-breaker (CB) measures:

“In the broader community, there are a few early signs that the circuit breaker is bringing cases down.”

There are now 5,992 confirmed cases in Singapore, putting it the number one coronavirus hotspot in South East Asia.

The world’s highest paid politician shared a propaganda article from state media TodayOnline, which praises the lockdown measures as successful.

Lee Hsien Loong wrote that it is “fortunate” to see the foreign workers being infected because they have a lower fatality rate due to their age:

“Fortunately, the vast majority of the cases are mild, because the workers are young.”

The Singapore dictator asked for Singaporeans to give him more time to handle the coronavirus outbreak, and admitted that the foreign worker infection is going to “grow for a while more”:

“It will take some time for Singapore’s circuit-breaker measures to show results and Covid-19 infections in foreign workers’ dormitories can be expected to grow for a while more.”