Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat

Hailed as a role model by the World Health Organisation (WHO), Singapore today reported 728 new cases, bringing the total to 4,427.

The increase is the largest in South East Asia and Singapore is expected to overtake Malaysia’s 5,182 and Indonesia’s 5,516 to be the number one coronavirus spot by tomorrow.

The Singapore Ministry of Health blamed foreign workers for the huge increase:

“Like in the past two weeks, foreign workers living in dormitories continue to drive this increase, accounting for 654 of new patients. This means the total number of patients who have tested positive for the virus linked to dormitories now stands at 2,689, or three in five of all cases.”

A total of 19 foreign worker dormitories have reported active infections. According to employment stats, there are about 330,000 foreign workers in Singapore as the country is addicted to exploiting cheap foreign labour.

74 out of the 728 new cases are from unknown infection within the country. None of the PAP ministers nor military generals were present to give a situation report or press statement on the 728 cases new high.

Singaporeans supporting the ruling party PAP are shocked by the huge increase, with many questioning how could Singapore be worse than Malaysia and Indonesia when incorruptible PAP ministers are paid million dollar salaries over the corrupted politicians in the rest of the world.