Lee Hsien Loong

First world Singapore broke its Gold Standards record again today, with 447 new cases reported by the Ministry of Health.

Millionaire PAP ministers delivered the largest increase daily increase in South East Asia, surpassing Malaysia’s 85 new cases, Indonesia’s 297, Philippines’ 230 and Thailand’s 30.

Singapore’s total now stands at 3,699 confirmed cases, and it is expected to surpass Malaysia and Indonesia in the next five days based on current trend.

This translates to 632 cases per million population, the highest in Asia.

The Ministry of Health blamed foreign workers for the outbreak as 404 of the 447 new cases are linked to the dormitories.

1,800 foreign workers have since been infected, as the Singapore government ignored the overcrowded and dirty squatters during the outbreak. There are a total of 43 dormitories in Singapore and 17 have been infected.

While most workplaces have been shut down with only essential services allowed to happen, the Singapore government refused to stop construction work.