Elderly stopped by police officers for eating in public

Singaporeans angry with the corrupted PAP government for not controlling the virus outbreak are now hitting back and attacking NEA officers for issuing “no-warning” S$300 fine.

Yesterday, the state media reported that an elderly man was eating at takeaway food at the hawker centre near Block 89 Circuit Road. He refused to provide his particulars to the NEA officers who demanded to issue him a S$300 fine. The elderly smacked the NEA officer in his face when he was not allowed to leave. Three police officers then arrived to manhandle the old man’s arrest.

Also yesterday, at a hawker centre near Block 320 Shunfu Road, a woman was also issued an on-the-spot fine of S$300 without warning and she turned aggressive scolding the NEA officers.

Over 400 fines were issued on Tuesday and Wednesday, as the Singapore government becomes desperate to collect tax revenue after going into a S$60 billion deficit.

Only PAP MPs are exempted from the lockdown rules, with NEA officers allowing PAP MP Chia Shi Lu to conduct political walkabouts on April 12 (Sunday).