Lee Hsien Loong and his ministers masking up

The coronavirus has a 3.4% fatality rate, according to statistical reports. And Singapore yesterday had 3,699 confirmed cases. Going by simple calculations, Singapore is expected to see at least 125 deaths.

Time frame? Within the next 30 days. And this 125 deaths will increase further depending on the number of new daily increases Singapore reports from here on.

Why the 30 days delay then? Well, simply work the maths retrospectively, Singapore’s 10 deaths today reflect the situation of 330 infections which happened on March 19. The 3.4% fatality rate gives us an estimated delayed death report of around 30 days.

There are currently only 10 deaths reported in Singapore, and this would a number of death waves are expected to hit Singapore continuously until the daily infection declines.

The above is untrue of course if you take in the Singapore government propaganda fake news about exceptional Singapore’s exceptionality. Lee Hsien Loong’s lies however cannot defy statistics, tabulated in 2.1 million cases, just as much as he cannot defy gravity.

What is scary though, is that lockdown measures are not working in Singapore. Tomorrow, the country will enter its 11th day since April 7’s lockdown, but the daily increases are rising faster than ever. This contradicts the experience here in Australia where I am safely writing this article at.

The PAP government is probably too incompetent to grasp the mathematical concept above, but let me sum this up in layman terms: we are seeing 3 dead bodies for every 100 new cases reported each day. Yesterday’s 447 new cases means at least 12 are kicking the bucket, for certain.

More people are going to die, and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong today is talking about removing the lockdown measures by May 4. Opening up the country without even bringing down the cases is simply a travesty of valuable human lives, and it is probably not news by now that Lee Hsien Loong has no regards for anyone aside from his own power and money.

Alex Tan
STR Editor