Photo of Gan Kim Yong from The Straits Times

January, February, March and now April. More than 100 days passed and Singapore today is now in a wreckage from the coronavirus outbreak.

3,252 infection and 10 deaths. Aside from risking human lives, the economy suffered tremendously with the Singapore reserves now declining over S$60 billion and over a million Singaporeans now jobless.

Public measures are confusing, patchy and contradictory. For example, the government’s direction started from “No need to wear mask”, to “We do not discourage wearing mask”, and today’s “Wear a mask or face S$300 fine”. Clearly, there is no due diligence.

Regardless whether Singaporeans agree or disagree with million dollar ministerial salaries, the government must bear full responsibilities for the outcome. Somebody’s head must roll for this fiasco.

Singaporeans have rightfully called for the Health Minister to resign. However, this is not enough.

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong should also be charged for criminal negligence and manslaughter.

The virus did not mutate, and the people did not disobey instructions. Rather, the Health Minister’s complacency is the primary cause behind today’s chaos. The PAP minister must be jailed as a sober reminder that power comes with great responsibilities and costly mistakes are paid with severe penalties.

How can such fatal missteps go unpunished? Certainly, there must be a limit how much incompetence one can tolerate.

Country ministers must uphold themselves to stricter standards above ordinary citizens. Minister Gan Kim Yong should personally consider nothing less than suicide as repentance for his misdeeds.

Alex Tan
STR Editor