Useless general Seet Uei Lim (Right)

A crazy stupid move by an army general is about to kill hundreds of Singaporeans, by risking them to infection from “healthy foreign workers”.

Singapore’s corrupted PAP government has just appointed an inexperienced army general from SAF to be leader of the government task force on worker dormitories.

Hailed from the Guards, Brigadier General Seet Uei Lim – a scholar with no medical qualifications or relevant management experience – however moved foreign workers working in essential services to the local community, unwittingly exposing Singaporeans to greater community infection as the foreign workers could be latent carriers of the deadly coronavirus.

There has been numerous confirmed reports around the world that some carriers tested negative once, and positive again a few days later. The Singapore Ministry of Health itself also admitted that 80% of the carriers have mild or no symptoms at all – meaning the “healthy workers” may be infected after all.

General Seet told the state media that he had moved 7,000 foreign workers from dormitories to makeshift lodgings around the country including the void deck of HDB flats. No testing was however done on these workers:

“They have been moved to 18 locations around Singapore, such as army camps, repurposed Housing and Development Board (HDB) flats and premises operated by Sport Singapore. These workers have been screened and have no symptoms.”