Lee Hsien Loong on a swing pushed by his bodyguards

Every country that went into a lockdown saw immediate results. Some of the countries worst hit by the coronavirus like China and South Korea are already seeing declining cases in what they called “flattening the curve”.

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong earlier met up with New Zealand PM Jacinda Adern, who told him she saw positive effects from lockdown within 11 days. The curve in New Zealand was flattened, and so did Australia.

To the dictator’s horror, Singapore’s lockdown is now entering its 7th day since its implementation on Tuesday (April 7th) but the gradient accelerated higher with new cases breaking 200 each day.

Lee Hsien Loong put up a video calling for elderly to obey him, but no one listened to the corrupted politician.

Desperate for results to prove before the upcoming General Elections, the impatient emperor do not care that the new cases reported each day were infected from before the April 7th lockdown. Lee Hsien Loong did not flatten the infection curve, instead, he flattened the people’s freedom and wallet.

Ignoring severe hardships of the people who are already stressed out by the loss of employment, Lee Hsien Loong went ahead to impose the strictest enforcement in the world fining all first-time offenders S$300. The corrupted politician even sent out the largest group of 380 enforcers yesterday to get as many sacrificial lambs as possible to make his point.

At the end of the day, Lee Hsien Loong forgot that he was the one responsible for today’s outcome.

The rapid surge in new cases is however no fault of Singaporeans, but a result of the ending of the incubation period for people with latent infection. How did they get infected a week to a few months earlier, is again no thanks to Lee Hsien Loong’s “no-mask” policy.

Let me repeat: the new surge of new cases you see today is not because the lockdown is not working, or that Singaporeans are refusing to obey the rules. The new infection happened way before the lockdown effected, because of the PAP’s incompetency. Why is Emperor Lee Hsien Loong throwing a child’s tantrum today threatening to jail and fine people?

Complacent and flippant politicians refused to take serious measures when the situation was still manageable early in January, and today, the fire is burning right at the doorstep.

With 2,532 confirmed cases, Singapore is the worst country in terms of infection per million population or land in square kilometres. Singapore’s closest neighbour, Malaysia have 4,817 cases, but their population density are only a fraction of Singapore’s.

Singaporeans are now trapped within the four walls of their home, and under intense stress from loss of income and boredom. The biggest question on everyone’s mind now is when the lockdown will end.

The PAP ministers who self-praised themselves for being the know-it-all, do not have a schedule. They don’t know when the lockdown will end, and neither do they know how to end the lockdown. All those trumpets about promises about “stability” and “competency” at the 2015 elections are now a deafening silence.

The only thing stable so far is the ministerial and MP salaries, and everything else is chaotic. Will Singaporeans fall for the same old PAP lies about “stable government” again this General Election?

Alex Tan
STR Editor