Gan Kim Yong

Singapore reported an astonishing 386 new cases yesterday, bringing the total to 2,918. The huge surge has prompted the public to call for Health Minister Gan Kim Yong to resign, as the PAP government become the chief culprit behind the chaotic outbreak.

Angry Singaporeans lambasted the millionaire minister for his incompetency, and called for the government to emulate New Zealand, who recently sacked their Health Minister. With a new Health Minister, New Zealand has successfully brought down local infections, unlike Singapore, which is now reporting more daily cases than Malaysia.

The island dictatorship also saw its 9th death: a 65 year old Singaporean, who was infected from unknown causes. The authorities also confirmed a 4 year old child was infected from her preschool, E-Bridge at Corporation Drive.

94 cases of the 386 are unlinked infection, while 280 are from the numerous foreign worker dormitories.

The Ministry of Health is however delaying statistic reporting, and changing reporting style to suit propaganda purpose. For example, the number of unlinked cases are no longer reported, and now classified as “pending contact tracing”. The official website is still not yet updated, and showing numbers two days ago on April 12.

Contact tracing effort is also now overwhelmed, with the ministry reporting contact tracing not done on 249 unlinked cases since March 31st.