Millionaire ministers

2,299 infection and there is only one to blame for the lockdown.
This is all the PAP government’s fault.

If they had taken the virus seriously from day 1, Singapore would not be in such dire straits. Singaporeans’ advice to ban China visitors, provide face masks and close schools had all fallen to deaf ears.

And now the shameless PAP ministers are pointing their fingers at us Singaporeans?

Corrupted, incompetent and now unrepentant. There is not a single apology issued, and millionaire ministers acted like nothing happened while u-turning government policies. The new on-the-spot fine of S$300 is unfair, unprofessional and insidious, when the policies are enacted overnight and over a Facebook post made by a PAP minister.

There are many elderly in Singapore who have no television at home and neither do they read the news everyday. Most of them are going to get fined S$300 thanks to Minister Masagos Zulkifli. Delivery riders, taxi drivers and essential workers who are taking a breather in public are also going to get fined, and you will be arrested if you dispute with them.

Like a corrupted police state, enforcers who merely want to test their new powers will also fine anyone he likes.

Everyone is struggling in this health and financial crisis, and the government can only think about collecting money at this time clawing S$300 from poor people. Singaporeans now have to sacrifice and pay for their mistakes.

Hindsight is 20/20 and today we can see Singaporeans chose the wrong politicians in GE2015, and now they have to put with such predatory behaviour of the government.

Alex Tan
STR Editor