Lee Hsien Loong

According to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore is not in a lockdown, only “circuit breakers” have been effected. Singapore is still the “Gold Standard” in government response to the outbreak, said Lee Hsien Loong.

Schools and workplaces are closed, there are no flights, and people are being arrested for eating in public, but, there is no lockdown, said the world’s highest paid politician. Dictator Lee instead called the measures a “circuit breaker”.

Singapore broke the panic-marking of 2,000th cases with a massive 198 new cases reported overnight. The total tally 2,108 confirmed cases, and the country is expected to break 3,000 cases next week.

Community infection has also ran amok, with 71 residents infected for unknown reasons yesterday. Singapore also saw its 7th official death, when an 86 year old from an infected old aged home succumbed to the deadly virus last night.

The new numbers is a stark contrast to the propaganda running back in February, where Singapore state media acclaimed that Singapore is the “best country to be in” during a pandemic outbreak. The state media also ran fake news of local university NUS running vaccine trials and claiming that the virus transmission in public is “very minimal”.