Elderly at wet market on April 11, 2020

According to state media Straits Times, elderly Singaporeans are still going to the wet markets and exercising even after Lee Hsien Loong published a new propaganda video calling for them to stay at home.

Last evening, the corrupted 68 year old dictator put up a video telling elderly to stay home and get help from their children to buy groceries:

“I am one of you, so I know how you feel. When we are cooped up at home, we get restless and frustrated. But please understand. We are telling you to stay at home for your own safety. Older people are more vulnerable to the virus. If we catch Covid-19, it is a serious matter.”

The elderly shoppers told the state media that the Prime Minister’s advice is impractical. An elderly said:

“I do not want to rely on my children for help with grocery shopping as we live in different areas. Besides, they have their own families to tend to and are busier now as they have to care for their children. Why would I want to trouble them when I am fit and can walk and move around on my own?”

Another elderly housewife told the state media:

“My children live far away from me, in Bukit Batok and Punggol, and they also have to take care of their own kids. It’s not practical to ask my children for help. It wouldn’t make sense.”

An elderly civil servant also said:

“Young people can also be vulnerable to the virus, so we don’t want to send them out to do things for us and endanger them.”