Lee Hsien Loong and his ministers masking up

Human lives are now being paid for the mistake of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong who had earlier told Singaporeans not to mask up in his notorious “No Mask” policy in February.

The world’s highest paid politician pioneered the trojan horse policy, telling Singaporeans not to wear a mask, that resulted in widespread community infection. Lee Hsien Loong’s favourite goon, Minister Chan Chun Sing, even mocked Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam for causing unnecessary panic by wearing a mask at press conference.

Today, Lee Hsien Loong uploaded a photo of himself and his cabinet ministers all wearing a cloth mask. The Singapore dictator did not apologise for propagating fake news and wrong information, by pushing the blame to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The death count today is 7, and 1,623 have been infected in total. Imported cases have dropped after delayed border controls, but local transmission is still rising even after the country has been locked down.

Refusing to use the word “lockdown”, Lee Hsien Loong coined a new term calling it “circuit breaker”. Nonetheless, Singapore residents are getting arrested and fined for leaving their home over non-essential reasons – just like any other country in lockdown. The pompous dictator was earlier in the week still boasting about how foreign media are praising him over not having to lock down the country in the global pandemic.

Aside from issuing contradicting directions and fabricating fake news, Lee Hsien Loong is now trying to hold the General Elections during the outbreak against the advice of medical experts.

Health professionals around the world had advised their governments against holding an election, because of the increased human contact in voting procession. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is however not listening, and had directed his ministers to approve a new bill to prepare for the General Election in June.

Lee Hsien Loong is now exploiting the coronavirus outbreak and counting on low voters turnout to keep himself in power. The Singapore dictator is banking on Singaporeans to stay at home and not turn up at election polls, while directing his supporters to go to the polls.

At the end of the day, Lee Hsien Loong always gets what he wants. The dictator will hold the election as and when he wishes, and nobody can stop him. Then again, the corrupted leader may be in for a rude shock this election as ground resentment had escalated following the mishandling of the coronavirus outbreak.

Alex Tan
STR Editor